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Extension and modifications form internal and external living spaces

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The Feel Good project is a modern extension of a house located on the edge of a nature reserve, which not only resulted in an outstanding design but also had a positive effect on the surrounding community.

The property is located in a stunning location in Nottinghamshire. However, the connection between the house and its environment was hampered by its outdated design and problematic external access. We were commissioned to create a space where the family could interact fully with the remarkable natural setting of the property and garden.

Our client was particularly keen on our virtual reality and collaborative design process - he had a clear vision and ideas which could be more easily conveyed through 3D software. In addition, as he was frequently abroad, we were able to maintain our collaborative design process by using video conferencing and modelling software which renders in real time.

The resulting house reflects the strong character of Nottingham’s vernacular infused with a sense of luxury international style.The home is now incomparably better connected to its environment, with pathways and terraces creating flow and linking the four stories of the house with the outside.

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