Build It Magazine June 2023

Our founder, James Brindley, was delighted to be interviewed for Build It Magazine’s recent feature on ‘How to achieve indoor-outdoor living spaces’.

In the June 2023 issue, James takes a look at how to create a stronger connection between your home and garden. The key topics that James addresses in the article are;

  1. What does creating a connection between the interior and exterior mean, and what is the benefit?
  2. How can you use glazed sliding doors to enhance the connection?
  3. How can floor design enhance the effect?
  4. How can you get creative with wall finishes to emphasise the indoor-outdoor feel?
  5. Are there ways to bring the outdoors in when dealing with upper storeys? 

If you’re a Build It Magazine subscriber you can read the full article. Or if you have any questions about how to improve your indoor-outdoor living space please get in touch with Design Haus Architecture.