So, you want more space, but don’t fancy the hassle of moving house: an extension might be the right option for you. The prospect of adding a single or double storey, side, or rear extension may seem daunting at first, but Design Haus is here to guide you through the process with our step-by-step guide.

1. Get an idea of what you’d like to achieve and how it should look.

This doesn’t mean drawing up detailed plans but, having the idea that you’d like a bigger kitchen, or an extra bedroom is a great place to start.

2. Speak to someone with experience.

Whether it’s a friend who’s recently had an extension, a builder, or, indeed, an architect, it’s important to talk to somebody who’s been through the process and knows what to lies ahead. At Design Haus we offer a free initial consultation, where you and James can have a chat about your initial thoughts and ideas with no obligation to go any further.

3. Assemble your team.

If you haven’t already discussed your project with an architect (see step 3), then now is the time. Find an architect with a good reputation and a proven history of working on extensions. You’ll want to find somebody that can share and grow your vision, taking it from a simple idea to fully-fledged plans.
After an architect, you’ll need a builder to carry out the construction. Any architect worth their salt will be able to make solid recommendations here, but if you know a good builder, it’d be worth putting them in contact with your architect at this point.

4. Find out if you need planning permission.

Check with your local authority what their rules are on planning permission and whether you will need it for the size of extension that you’re planning. You should also check if your planned extension meets building regulations.

5. Think about your finances.

Consider if and how you will be able to fund the extension, and also whether it will increase the value of your property. A local estate agent may be able to help here.

Whilst there are many more steps ahead in the road, these initial tips will have you well-prepared for any future obstacles. In particular, having a good team working on your extension will help things run smoothly.
If you have an idea for your extension then get in touch with Design Haus for a chat, recommendations and advice.