Design Haus Architecture’s process is based on the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work, which is a framework that offers a route to a completed construction project.

While these steps provide a good foundation for the project, it’s important that these stages are flexible to accommodate different clients and their project’s individual needs.

We work with clients throughout the entirety of the project, right from concept through to final completion of the build. This allows us to build a relationship with them and means that they always know exactly who they’re talking to. Thanks to this dedication, great customer service and innovative design, Design Haus was named ‘Architects of the Year’ at East Midlands Business Link’s 2020 Bricks Awards.

"The 3D software was so useful; making it really easy for us to understand the technical drawings and visualise the end goal and design.”

The first step is to carry out an accurate measured survey of your existing property. Using GPS we are then able to create an accurate 3D model, giving you a new perspective of your home to help you make the design decisions that are right for you.

We bring our design expertise to the table when sitting down with clients to discuss ideas in a collaborative design process.



Together, we will move walls, windows and furniture to create new and exciting spaces that you will love. Your needs and wants are the heart and soul of the design process.


No more static images with fish-eye lenses; this is your home, true to life. We can show you where natural light will land and how different material finishes affect the mood of the space, so you can walk around in the completed build as if it were the real thing.

Design Haus Architecture is one of very few architectural design companies that offer Virtual Reality (VR) as an architectural design tool.


Clients are able to walk through a fully realised, digital version of their design scheme before any construction has taken place. This gives clients a clearer understanding of their proposal than has ever been possible before.


We will liaise with planners and relevant authorities to ensure that your design is able to become a reality.


We take pride in implementing a thoughtful approach to architecture, which has resulted in a long history of successful planning applications.

Building control drawings ensure that your project complies with current building regulations.


We will submit the drawings to an approved inspector, who will assess the information and provide feedback and request additional information if required. As with the planning application process, we will liaise with the relevant parties on your behalf. 

Once the plans are approved, the drawings can be passed on to your chosen contractor.

We can prepare a building specification which will assist your chosen contractor throughout the project.

The specification provides clear instructions on project intent, performance and construction. It can protect you from poor workmanship and ensures you get the finished product you require.


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