VR provides clients a realistic pre-construction experience, helping visualise scale, materials, and design options in real-time.


VR allows our clients to immerse themselves in a virtual representation of their future design, providing a realistic experience before construction begins. This immersive visualisation enables a more accurate understanding of scale, materials, lighting, and spatial relationships, enhancing the ability to envision the final design. It also enables us to iterate and experiment with various design options in real-time.

Through the virtual model, we can make instant modifications, test different materials, colours, and layouts, and receive immediate feedback. This fosters a collaborative environment among the design team, as they can explore and discuss the design together within a shared virtual environment. Moreover, VR aids in the early detection of potential design flaws or issues. By experiencing the virtual model, stakeholders can identify errors and improve functionality, mitigating risks and reducing the need for costly modifications during the construction phase.

VR proves to be a powerful tool In terms of client engagement and communication, Clients can virtually walk through the building, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the spatial layout and providing feedback in an intuitive and immersive manner. This level of engagement ensures that client expectations align with the final design, leading to greater satisfaction. Additionally, VR can contribute to cost and time savings.

By identifying design issues early on, the need for extensive rework and modifications during construction can be minimised. 

“Design Haus were so helpful and came at the project from an angle we hadn’t considered before, and absolutely loved.” “Seeing the design in virtual reality gave us the chance to ‘test drive’ the project before committing to the build.”


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