If you’ve caught the recent BBC Two series Your Home Made Perfect, you’ll have seen architects using virtual reality and visual effects to show people first-hand how architectural changes can improve their existing homes before committing to any construction.

The idea of an architect using virtual reality might sound like something from Tomorrow’s World (If, like me, you’re old enough to remember that show!), but it’s actually a very real tool that architects are already using. In fact, the tech that they use on Your Home Made Perfect is a little simplistic compared to what I use here at Design Haus.

How do architects use virtual reality?

When trying to add space or build character in an existing building or creating entirely new homes, it can be hard for my clients to visualise how a familiar space can be transformed to produce the outcome that they’re looking for.

Instead of just giving them 2D or 3D architectural drawings, which people who aren’t used to them often struggle to visualise, I use VR. This makes it much easier for someone to completely understand the proposed design with no prior architectural knowledge.

By creating a complete virtual scene of the finished building in its existing environment, I give my clients the opportunity to walk around and see exactly how it will look from the inside and the exterior. They can then specify changes before committing to a design or budget, leading to better communication throughout the project, and a more satisfactory experience for everyone.

I also like to show the effects of various materials, lighting solutions and even weather to provide a truly realistic picture of the final outcome and how different conditions alter the atmosphere.

Can you hire a VR architect for a domestic project?

If watching Your Home Made Perfect has got you wondering whether you can hire an architect that uses VR for your own project, the answer is yes!

Many larger practices use VR for big, multi-million-pound projects, but more and more firms have begun to adopt it for smaller clients. As the technology has developed, it’s become cheaper and easier to implement, so virtual reality is no longer out of reach for domestic architectural clients.

Over the next couple of years, you can expect to see a rise in the number of practices offering this service, especially due to the attention and interest generated through shows such as Your Home Made Perfect.

VR architectural design from Design Haus

I am one of the first to offer virtual reality to all of my clients. It has become a standard and essential part of the design process for each and every one of my projects and I have refined this over time to ensure a high-quality service.

I know how important it is for you to feel in control of the project’s outcome, and giving you the best possible understanding of the proposal ensures that you are able to be involved from start to finish.

Read more about my virtual reality architectural design service, or get in touch with me to chat about your project. You can even pop into the studio to try out VR for yourself!