We design spaces and buildings that bring communities together. We are committed to shaping environments and places that provide value to their users.


Within our community work, we form spaces and buildings that provide valuable sociable opportunities for people to come together in creative ways. We believe in providing meaningful change to the people that inhabit these areas. 

Our approach to community infrastructure is conducted in a tactile manner. We know the success of community projects requires community engagement meetings, workshops and resident feedback and we seek to explore these methods to ensure the project aligns with community needs and aspirations. 

In this field, we utilise our architectural training and knowledge to demonstrate to planning officers, investors and industry professionals the feasibility of community development, to showcase the difference that can be made by supporting and providing better places. 

We believe effective community work extends beyond project completion and would be delighted to remain engaged long-term.

“Design Haus perfectly listened to the brief and translated it into an incredible design. James’ experience and attention to details was so valuable, and the VR technology has been so useful in understanding the space we were creating.”

Junior School


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