Creating commercial interiors that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality for businesses.


At Design Haus, we believe in the holistic integration of all elements that contribute to the character of commercial interiors. From context to internal form, flow, and aesthetic, to the needs of the inhabitants, every aspect must harmonise seamlessly. 

Collaborating closely with marketing, graphics, and branding consultants, we ensure that our interior commercial spaces not only meet but exceed branding objectives. We understand that creating beautiful interiors is not just about aesthetics but also about experiencing the beauty of good design. 

Workplace environments play a crucial role in productivity and collaboration. Through carefully considered spatial planning, we craft workplaces that stimulate creativity and efficiency while enhancing workflow. Our goal is to motivate workers through exciting and stimulating design concepts.

Successful commercial interior design services strike a delicate balance between efficient use of space and creative solutions. Our team collaborates seamlessly to achieve this balance, integrating interior features, finishes, architectural structure, and materiality to create cohesive and impactful spaces.

“Honestly could not recommend Design Haus enough. From the outset, their ideas of how to maximise the use of space & create something truly individual was so refreshing. The work put into our design was phenomenal & we were a part of the process from start to finish.”

Newton House


Design Haus Architecture
5 Portland Road
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