Designing bespoke residential architecture tailored to clients' needs, blending creativity, functionality, and innovation.

Modification to bungalow by a Nottingham architect

Our residential architecture is designed in direct response to the clients' and end users' needs. Whether it's one-off houses, apartments, holiday homes, or large-scale housing developments, our studio is dedicated to creating thoughtful architecture that renders each project uniquely tailored. 

Our team is passionate about understanding the intricate interplay between creating beautiful sanctuaries and designing functional spaces that cater to individual needs. Comprising conceptual designers and technical specialists, we collaborate to uphold a cohesive and distinctive creative vision. 

Specialising in private residential projects, our studio has a diverse portfolio ranging from new build designs to home extensions and renovations. Our expertise extends to conservation and heritage building projects, where we excel in seamlessly integrating new architectural technologies and features into the original fabric of the building. Renowned for our residential expertise, our team develops innovative ideas and site-specific design solutions.

 From concept to construction, we bring together creative vision and technical skills to deliver exceptional results. House renovations and mixed-use projects are invariably cost-sensitive. Our team works directly with clients to evaluate project feasibility, considering planning objectives and key commercial decisions. The studio combines strategic thinking with design creativity to provide value-added design solutions for all our schemes. This ensures projects are well-designed, commercially viable, and meet the required long-term occupancy needs.

“Design Haus perfectly listened to the brief and translated it into an incredible design. James’ experience and attention to details was so valuable, and the VR technology has been so useful in understanding the space we were creating.”


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